Essay on Article “Daughter of a Police Victim Erica Garner is in a Coma After a Heart Attack”

As at December 26, NYPD officers rushed the manager of Erica Garner’s Twitter account out of her room in Woodhull Hospital. Policemen didn’t explain their actions and later claimed that they mixed up people who have permission with those who don’t. All visits are forbidden until they figure out this situation. The Twitter account asked all followers to call the clinic for answers.

However, the account manager managed to get back into Erica’s room. Erica’s condition remains the same since she’s fallen into a coma.
Erica Garner is the daughter of Eric Garner, who became a new victim of police brutality against black people. Her condition is critical. She suffered a heart attack, so now she’s in a Brooklyn hospital, fighting for life.

27-year-old Erica suffered a cardiac arrest before, during childbirth, this year. On December 24, an asthma attack has been followed by a new cardiac arrest, which resulted in a critical condition. Doctors say that this arrest caused the enlargement of her heart.

On Monday, Erica’s foster mother, Tanya Goode, said that Garner can’t breathe, so she’s on life support. On December 24, the Daily News reported that someone who identified as one who worked for Erica tweeted from her account that she’s in a coma. This person also promised to tweet updates.

Erica Garner became a well-known activist in 2014, when her unarmed father died after NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo choked him. His death was considered homicide. Danial Pantaleo placed his victim in a chokehold, and the death of Garner was filmed. However, the Staten Island grand jury hasn’t found any criminality in Pantaleo’s actions, which raised a wave of protests.

In 2016, Erica was interviewed by Elle. She said that she has dedicated her life to justice because before her father died, she never realized the aim of her life.

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