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The job application process has changed drastically from generation to generation. In the past, applying for a position involved mainly walking into the office or the company of your choice, filling out an application form and speaking directly with a manager. Things are a little different these days. It is almost impossible for anyone to immediately receive an interview or an audience with Human Resource (HR) departments of any company.

Today, with e-mails and the Internet, companies believe that it is much quicker to receive CVs and vet through them before handing out interviews. This method coupled with the fact that are hundreds of thousands of people entering the workforce every single day, means that HR departments of huge corporations and managers at small-medium enterprises are inundated with CVs every day.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no foreseeable change in this system. This puts the pressure on the individual applying to create a quality CV that grabs the attention of the hiring supervisor or manager. The easiest way to do this is with a show-stopping cover letter that sets you apart from every other applicant.

How Do I Write a Cover Letter

Typically, cover letter writing involves introducing yourself, explaining your purpose for writing, briefly outlining your work experience and skills and requesting a chance to meet with the prospective employer. A good cover letter sample never exceeds a page and every position you apply to will require a cover letter attached to your CV. If the cover letter does not pass muster, employers will rarely turn the page to read the rest of what you have to offer.

Schools and institutions these days rarely provide courses or classes on how to write a cover letter for a job. This shows in the quality of cover letters that get sent to most companies. If you are looking to improve the quality of your CV and cover letter or are simply new to the game and find the cover letter template you came across online less than satisfactory, then there is another option for you.

Here at Writers House, we offer the best cover letter writing services that guarantee to put you ahead of the pack and grant you that ever elusive interview or job. Unlike other resume and cover letter writing services, Writers House does not reuse or recycle its material. We promise quality custom cover letter services that are tailored to your singular needs and written by native English speakers with qualifications from prestigious colleges and universities.

Place an Order Today

Using our professional cover letter writing service is as easy as ordering any product or service over the Internet. Simply log on to the Writers House website and fill out an order form and detail how you want us to ‘help me write a cover letter’. The order form will ask for the type of document you require and the subject that is to be covered. Additionally, it will also ask for the writing style and format. To facilitate smooth cover letter writing services back and forth, we ask that our customers detail the exact information that they need. This will help our professional writers to provide you with quality work, specifically tailored to fit your needs.

Just like any other online vendor, payment will be processed once the order form has been completed. After which, our custom cover letter services will kick in as we assign a professional writer to your order. Our writers have extensive experience in writing cover letters. Before the actual order begins to get filled, customers can peruse our selection of employment cover letter examples to see which one best suits their needs. They will then be able to communicate directly with the professional writer to ensure that they receive ideal cover letters for jobs.

Writers House Facilities

To ensure that our customers get the best from our cover letter writing services, we provide them with amenities that they will not be able to come across at other professional cover letter services. For instance, like mentioned above, our customers will be able to contact the writer directly and even when they are on-the-go.

At Writers House, we have a unique messaging system that keeps communication between the customer and the professionally qualified writer smooth and efficient. This messaging system gives the customer regular updates and cover letter examples that help to create the perfect cover letter for each client. The messaging system also allows the writer to be kept updated with any changes that need to be made to the professional cover letter template.
If you have placed an order for our cover letter writing services but are afraid that you won’t have time to communicate with our writers because you’re constantly on the move, never fear. Our mobile application provides regular updates on the progress of the work, keeps the messaging system active and even allows customers to place an order. With the site designed to fit comfortably in the screen of your handheld device, you won’t have to worry about dealing with a less-than-ideal interface when working with our professional cover letter writing service.


An additional perk of our cover letter writing services is our revision policy. Writing a cover letter that is of great quality takes time and sometimes, to ensure that our valued customers receive the perfect cover letter for a job we have to do revisions to the work. Each customer can request for up to 3 free revisions that are provided by our cover letter services, as long as they contact us within 7 days. Any additional revisions that are required on top of the standard 3 that we provide, will be charged to the customer for a small fee.

Our native English speakers – all of whom have graduated from prestigious colleges and universities – who have been assigned to filling our customers’ orders have years of experience in writing great examples of cover letters and often take courses to improve their writing abilities so that they will always have fresh and original material. At Writers House, we are always ready to answer your ‘how do you write a cover letter for a job’ queries promptly and efficiently.

Use Quality Service

Writing a good cover letter for a job is an integral part of landing a job. Whether it’s an internship, your first job or a dream job, Writers House is able to cater to any customer who requires our cover letter writing services. All our cover letter samples will use buzzwords to get you hired.
Additionally, they will contain all the necessary information such as personal details and your prospective employer’s address. With our services, you will be wondering why you ever stressed yourself with wondering ‘how do I write a cover letter?’

Before choosing to place an order with us, our customers will be able to browse through our examples of a cover letter. Conversely, they can also request for ‘sample cover letter for job’ to see the kind of quality our cover letter writing services offer.

Ultimately, customers should use over other professional cover letter services for four main reasons.

1. Our writers are all native English speakers with the best qualifications.

2. During the process of writing a cover letter, our writers will keep in touch with the customer through our messaging system to ensure that the examples of cover letter that was initially provided, match the final product as closely as possible.

3. Our writers make sure that during the process of writing a cover letter, the content is kept highly original and tailored to each individual client.

4. We do not stop providing ‘help writing a cover letter’ services until our customers are fully satisfied – which is why we have 3 free revisions that come with every purchase.

Conclusively, if writing a cover letter has never come easy to you or if you have always been searching for ‘how write a cover letter’ service that annihilates your competition, then you will have to look no further than Writers House. At our online platform, ordering is a simple process and work starts immediately after payment is processed. Our highly qualified native English speakers use the details you provide us with to create personalized work that beats every example of a cover letter that you will ever come across. At Writers House, writing a cover letter for a job can be as simple as clicking a button. You will no longer have to stress about it and rest assured that your dream job is only a short interview away – as proven by the number of people who have gotten their dream jobs through us. So if you’re looking for fast and efficiently written cover letters, you will do no better than Writers House’s professional cover letter services.