Article Writing

How to Summarize an Article

You may need to summarize an article to find the author’s ideas that support your opinion, to argue against the author’s point, to summarize lots of information in a concise way, or to better understand the article. Learn more about writing an article summary with WritersHouse.
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Main Stages of the Writing Process

In this article, you will learn useful tips at website. We will review the key concepts and approaches that will be appreciated by students who start their education in North America. To ensure the effective writing process, students should be familiar with different citation formats, be able to provide references and use common expressions.
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How to Write News Stories

Many students like to write, and this is a reason why they often take journalism courses. Journalism courses indeed can help you improve and develop your writing skills. In addition, news stories always have the same format, so this style of writing is not really difficult to get a grasp on. We at blog hope that this short guide will help you write a good news story.
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Develop a Daily Writing Habit: Tips for Writers

Writing is a difficult and time-consuming activity. Some people choose writing as their profession, while others also have to write in school or college, as well as when their career requires them to do it. There are people who write sometimes, just for fun. However, if writing is an integral part of your work, you’ll certainly benefit from developing a daily writing habit, and Writers-House.Com is here to help you with some useful tips.

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All You Need to Know About Topic Sentences and Signposts

Experts from Writers-House underline the fact that signposts and topic sentences allow you to clarify your message to a reader. Topic sentences introduce the main idea of a paragraph so that readers know what to expect from the following section. Topic sentences also clarify how the key points of the paragraph are related to the main idea of the whole essay. Signposts have a different function. They indicate that the direction of the argument is going to change. They also underline the change in the argument in the context of a thesis statement.
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December 25: This Day in History

Let’s take a look at some historical events that took place on December 25.

In 1776, during the American Revolutionary War, George Washington with his soldiers attacked Hessian forces. They crossed the Delaware River and prepared an unanticipated attack at Trenton, New Jersey.

In A.D. 336, in Rome, the first mentioning of Christmas took place.
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Essay on Article “Daughter of a Police Victim Erica Garner is in a Coma After a Heart Attack”

As at December 26, NYPD officers rushed the manager of Erica Garner’s Twitter account out of her room in Woodhull Hospital. Policemen didn’t explain their actions and later claimed that they mixed up people who have permission with those who don’t. All visits are forbidden until they figure out this situation. The Twitter account asked all followers to call the clinic for answers.
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