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Outlines are the backbone of any project. No matter what you are writing, you can benefit from a solid outline. Writers-House offers you the option of buying research outline for a research paper. This is a chance for you to get ahead on your project and ease your workload without completely surrendering the final results to another writer.

Our staff of native English speaking writers from the US, UK, and Canada hire by Writers-House are standing by, ready to create a fantastic research paper outline whenever you decide to buy outline for research paper!

Why Writers House Is a Great Choice For Buying Outlines For Research Papers

Buying outlines for research papers can be tricky. You have to make sure you get an excellent outline or else you are setting yourself up for failure when you write the actual research paper. To be safe, you should pay for research outline creation from a company like Writers House. We have a reputation for excellence and a superb team of writers ready to serve you.

When we are writing a research paper outline, you can expect these benefits from Writers-House.com online writing service:

  • Native Speaking US, UK, and Canadian Writers (All Holders of University Degrees!)

  • Zero Plagiarism in the Work

  • Customer Service Available 24/7 (Via Phone, Call-Back, Toll-Free Calling, Skype, Email, and Live Chat)

  • 3 Free Revisions of the Work

  • Experienced Topic Writers

  • Discreet Service Offering 100% Confidentiality

You can’t afford to create a poor research paper outline. If outlines are something you are not skilled at creating or if you are lacking in time to get this part of the project done, you can buy research outline from Writers House to cover your needs. We offer premium sample research paper outline service at a price point that is affordable for students.

A paper outline details how the paper will be structured, set up, and completed. By the time you read through your outline you should have a very good idea about how the actual paper will look and what will go in each space of the outline. This element of research paper writing helps you to organize your project, show tangible evidence of progress to your course instructor, and write your final project. For these reasons it is a wise decision to buy research outline if you cannot dedicate enough time on your own for creating this necessary element.

Expedite Your Project When You Order Research Paper Outline

Time is one of the most constrained factors for every student. Not only do you have 4 or 5 other classes that you are most likely taking that have assignments of their own, but you may also be working or involved in extracurricular activities at the university as well! If you’re finding it difficult to make time for the outline creation of your research project, Writers House has got your back.

From our company you can buy essay online sample papers or else buy research outline to help you get going on this very important project! Our sample outlines act as a platform for you to base your own outline on, but our outline creation service provides you with your own custom outline based on your specifications, topic, and other factors you give to us.

Buying outlines for research papers couldn’t be easier with the 1-click order process. All you have to do is fill out the order form with the relevant information and wait to hear from your writer! You will receive updates about the progress of the project, but if you’re not hearing enough about it, you can contact our customer service staff 24/7 to ask your questions and get the info you need to know. When the project is done you will be notified that you can now download it via an email which will be sent to your specified address.

Sample of Research Paper Outline

Creating an outline for a research paper is an admittedly difficult process, but our writers are experienced enough to give you a great head start on your project. When you buy research outline from us, your outline will look something like this:


  1. Explain the issue up for discussion in the paper

  2. Define all relevant terms used in the paper

  3. Mention framework theories followed or used

  4. Thesis statement

  5. Structural Explanation of the paper’s organization

  6. Literature review

(Introductions usually comprise around 15% of the paper’s size. 2-3 paragraphs are sufficient in most research papers.)


  1. Main point #1

  1. Supporting evidence

  2. How it ties into thesis

  1. Main point #2

  1. Additional evidence

  2. How it ties into thesis

  1. Etc.

(Body of a research paper is generally 70% of the actual paper length.)


  1. Brief review of stated main points

  2. Validation of thesis based on evidence presented

  3. Mention further research that could be done to support thesis even more

  4. (Optional) Talk on the limitations of your research

(Conclusions are generally 15% of the research paper’s length.)

Sourcing For a Custom Research Outline

One question that many people have is where to get the right sources for their academic term papers. Writers-House uses proper sourcing for every paper we write, meaning when you click the order button to buy sample outline for research paper, you know you will be getting great work completed using academically accepted sources.

What is an academically accepted source? In general, a source for academic projects must be a peer-reviewed journal, must come from a trusted database, and must not be simple blogs or articles posts from around the web. These are some of the recommended databases for credible sourcing, all of which are used by Writers House:


  • PubMed

  • EBSCOhost

  • Google Scholar

Outline Format Sample Sourcing

Once you have sourced your research from proper content, it is important that you then cite it properly in your research paper. Citations are a big deal that can make or break your final grade from those professors who pay careful attention to in-page citations, references, and bibliographies.

Generally, your research paper should be done in either APA, MLA, or CMS citation styles, although this is particular to the preference of your instructor and the requirements of your assignment. Our writers are competent and knowledgeable about all styles of citation used in research papers and other academic assignments, helping to ensure that when you buy outline research paper sample service from us you will be getting the best service available.

Bibliographies: About Annotation

Annotated bibliographies are a complementary element to the research paper outline. It is a list of the sources you plan to use along with annotations giving an explanation about what you plan to use from that source as well as how you plan to use it. Combining this with a research paper outline sets you up for success in your project. If you are considering buying research outline, adding annotated bibliography service to the mix can be a perfect way to get things moving well in your project.

Mistakes When Making an Outline Sample For Research Paper

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re writing your outline. If you’re not familiar with how an outline should be set up, you may make some of these common errors:

  • Too many details and explanations.

Outlines are not meant to give you a word-for-word display of what the research paper will be like. They ought to be about one page long and show the format and structure of the paper in order to help you plan it out.

  • Overly shortened outlines.

On the contrary, making your outline too short could be setting yourself up for failure once you need to expound on the discussion.

  • Using improper sources.

It is unlikely that your course instructor will accept any sources that are not peer-reviewed journals, making your outline useless if it is based on other sources than these.

  • Irrelevant evidence for your thesis.

Even if you have proper sources, you have to make sure the information from your sources actually backs up your thesis statement and is relevant to the discussion.

We at Writers House don’t want you to have to re-do any work you have already done! Let us handle this tedious job of making a proper research paper outline so you can focus on putting together the final research paper project instead. Buying research outline ensures you that you will have a proper outline to turn in and work from when you are doing the actual project.

Our Company Guarantees

If you choose to buy outline research paper sample service from Writers-House, you will get the benefit of our core company guarantees:

  • 3 Free Revisions

  • 24/7 Customer Service Access

  • Zero Plagiarism

  • Native US, UK, and Canadian Writers

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