Wrong Reasons to Enroll in an Online College

What are your reasons to enroll in an online college? There are many reasons to do so, however, some of them are wrong. Sometimes students enroll and then realize that the reality doesn’t match their expectations so we recommend that you analyze your reasons and think of whether enrolling in a college of your choice will actually help you achieve your goals. For example, some students choose online colleges so that they can spend more time with their families, while others want to work while studying. If you enroll for the wrong reason, you may feel frustrated and lose money. Writers-House experts collected some of the most common wrong reasons so that you can understand whether an online college is something you really need.

It Will Be Easier

Earning a degree isn’t an easy task, no matter how you’re going to do it. Any accredited program must meet certain standards, and online courses are no exception. Moreover, you may find online classes more difficult because it’s hard to stay motivated without any in-person interaction.

It Will Be Cheaper

Brick-and-mortar colleges are expensive but it doesn’t mean that online colleges are not. On the one hand, online colleges don’t have campuses. On the other hand, finding good professors still costs a lot. Indeed, there are some cheap online colleges, but there are also online colleges that cost as much as traditional ones.

It Will Be Faster

If you receive a diploma in a few weeks, it means that this diploma is just a piece of paper, and your online college is just a diploma mill. Such diplomas may be considered fake in many states, and using them is illegal. Some of the real colleges may allow you to earn or transfer credits based on your exams. However, when enrolling in a good online college, you won’t be able to use “life experience” to get credit.

You Won’t Interact with People

Although online colleges involve less interaction, you’ll still have peers and professors. Colleges need to teach students meaningful interaction if they want to receive financial aid. Therefore, don’t expect to simply get your grades based on assignments. You’ll also have to participate in discussions, work with virtual teams, and be active on the forums.

You’ll Avoid Common Education Requirements

Some students decide to enroll in an online college because they don’t want to waste their time studying certain subjects, such as Philosophy or Civics. However, accredited online colleges are required to provide certain general education courses. For example, you may avoid studying Astronomy but you’ll have to study History, Math, and English.


The worst reason to enroll in an online college is to listen to telemarketing campaigns. Colleges with a poor reputation might call potential enrollees, and we recommend that you don’t give in to their marketing efforts. Before choosing a college, do your research and make sure that it’s a trusted institution with a good reputation.

Online Colleges Promise You Some Bonuses

A new laptop? A free GED course? Don’t fall for such promises. Keep in mind that all of these bonuses increase the tuition costs. Look for colleges that offer education, not bonuses.

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