Writing a Great Advertisement Critique Essay

Advertising is a very important thing for modern society. We see advertisements on TV and hear them on the radio. On the internet, advertisements are everywhere — there are simple links, pictures, videos, emails, pop-up windows, etc. Companies spend more than $450 billion a year on advertising. Thus, the importance of advertising is hard to overestimate. In this article, we gathered some tips from writers-house.com service that will help you write and nice advertisement critique essay.

Advertisement Critique Essays

The purpose of an advertisement critique essay is to examine a certain advertisement and to analyze it. Advertisement critique essays are somewhat similar to other essays because they should have an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You should also make sure that your essay focuses on the advertisement and state your opinion.

Advertising is a very dynamic topic because this industry changes and evolves all the time. Advertisement critique essays are a popular type of assignment in college because it requires students to consider their topic from different viewpoints. To create an interesting essay that will impress your readers, we recommend that you follow a few simple rules.

Thesis and Introduction

We recommend that you don’t start your essay with a thesis statement. You need to lead your readers to the main point of your essay that will serve as the basis for the entire paper. Make sure that your thesis statement is focused, concise, and detailed.

The introduction is a crucial part of your essay. It must immediately grab attention and ensure that your readers will be interested in reading your essay. In this section, you should also provide your main argument, along with the necessary details.

When writing the introduction, start with a hook. The purpose of the hook is to capture your audience’s attention. This is the very first sentence of the paper. After this, provide a quick summary of the advertisement so that your readers will know the name of the brand, the product, etc. At the end of the introduction, write your thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs should elaborate on your thesis statement. You need to develop your argument using smaller arguments. The structure of your body paragraphs is especially important. Start with a topic sentence, followed by pieces of supporting evidence.

Always begin your body paragraphs with topic sentences and make sure that the whole paragraph focuses on one aspect of the topic. If you don’t have any other instructions, we recommend that you write three to five body paragraphs. When using information from other sources, always provide citations. Don’t forget to mention the targeted audience of the advertisement and point out the key strategies used in it.


In the concluding section, summarize your main points and rephrase your thesis statement. The conclusion is almost as important as the introduction, so make sure that you don’t just repeat your thesis statement. Consider it from a new angle and make it memorable.

Make the summary of your paper concise but don’t forget to mention the most important details. Explain what you think about the advertisement in general and provide your recommendations on how it could be improved. Consider the ad in a cultural, political, or social context.


Never submit your essay as soon as you finish writing it. Make sure to revise it and correct any mistakes. Experts from Writers-house.com recommend that you use various grammar checkers to detect the most obvious grammar mistakes. However, don’t rely solely on such programs. The best solution is to order professional proofreading on our website.

Writing Tips

  • Choose an advertisement that you understand. It will be much easier for you to analyze the ad if you are perfectly familiar with the context.
  • We also recommend that you choose familiar products.
  • Describe the elements that captured your attention.
  • Develop an interesting argument.
  • Before writing an essay itself, write an outline.

It’s good to write about advertisements that have complex ideas, symbolism, and creative images. You won’t be able to write a lot about a generic, simple ad. Look for ads that are based on creative strategies.

You may likely write an advertisement critique essay at some point in your college career. Consider ads from different viewpoints and analyze marketing techniques. Use our tips and create a successful essay that will bring you good grades!

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