How to Write a Thanksgiving Essay

When you need to write an essay but don’t have enough time, you may get stuck because of the lack of ideas. Of course, you can write a paper on virtually any subject. However, why not choose Thanksgiving as your topic? Of course, you might be not the only one who chooses this topic, but you can always make your essay better than anyone else’s so that it will stand out and bring you a good grade. Writing an original and interesting essay about Thanksgiving may turn out to be much easier than you think. Check out these tips from Writers-House.

Should You Try to Write a Thanksgiving Essay?

Writing a thanksgiving essay is a good idea because you can write a paper filled with positive emotions. Thanksgiving is a family holiday so you can write about how this day is celebrated in your family. You may also focus on the way other cultures perceive Thanksgiving and find similar holidays in other countries. If you want to improve your GPA, a good paper about Thanksgiving is certainly a good option.

When to Write a Thanksgiving Essay

Your Thanksgiving essay can get a top grade, even if your professor is very demanding. However, you should take into account many factors. For instance, you should choose the right time to write this essay. The best time to write an essay on Thanksgiving is this holiday. In this case, your paper will be not only interesting but also relevant, which is very important. However, choosing the right time is not the only thing you should care about. You should also make sure that your paper is well-written.

How to Write a Thanksgiving Essay

A Thanksgiving essay isn’t the most difficult assignment. However, you should approach it in the right way. We recommend that you follow these steps of the writing process:

  1. Find an interesting topic related to Thanksgiving. The success of your paper to a large extent depends on whether or not your topic is interesting for your audience so make sure that they will learn something new.
  2. Write a thesis statement. This is the most important element of your essay. All the parts of your essay should link back to the thesis statement. It should be clear and concise.
  3. Write an outline, creating a structure for the information that you’ve obtained while researching your topic. Each key idea must have its heading and its own paragraph.
  4. Fill every section from your outline with information. Provide examples and evidence that support your ideas. Don’t edit or proofread your draft at this stage, just make sure that your paper will be interesting to read and well-structured.
  5. Edit your draft and make sure that every draft only focuses on one idea. Evaluate your ideas and make sure that they are unbiased. Don’t deviate from your subject and check the accuracy of your facts.
  6. Proofread your final draft and fix any grammar or punctuation errors.

As you can see, the writing process isn’t that difficult. However, it still may be a challenge if you only have two days left before the deadline. Sometimes, just the research step itself may take more than one day to complete.

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