How to Write a Process Analysis Essay

A process analysis essay, also known as a procedural essay, explains how to perform a certain task or how to accomplish a certain goal. To write such an essay, you have to break the task down into simple steps. Use clear language and make sure that your readers will understand the process. Experts from prepared this guide to help you write a perfect process analysis essay.

Choose a Process

First, determine what process you are going to describe so you can choose what details are important and how to list them. Your topic should be complex enough to require detailed instructions and simple enough to describe every step in one paragraph. For example, if you’re teaching your audience to write research papers, the steps may describe the research phase, writing a thesis statement, etc. Before you start to write the essay itself, prepare an outline with the necessary steps listed in chronological order and write the essay according to this structure.

Explain the Process

In an introductory paragraph, tell your readers what you’re going to teach them and explain why this process is important or useful. For example, when writing about research papers, you may say that they are a common assignment in college and high school. The introduction should also briefly outline the steps, however, don’t include any details.

Break It Down

Every paragraph of the essay should describe a particular step. Arrange the steps chronologically and create a particular section for every step so that your readers won’t confuse them. For example, when describing research, you may write a paragraph about angles of research and follow it by paragraphs about primary sources, secondary sources, synthesis, and choosing the topic for a paper.

Begin each paragraph with a brief general description of the step. After that, provide the details that will help your readers perform this step correctly. Don’t forget to address possible problems. For example, tell your readers that if they cannot access some databases, they can ask their professor to help them get special access.

Keep It Simple

It’s better to avoid unnecessary pronouns so that readers can clearly understand what exactly you’re talking about. Start your sentences with such words as “then” and “once” to indicate how steps relate to each other, but don’t use consecutive sentences with the same phrases because they will sound repetitive. In addition, don’t write “You should look for reliable sources” if you can replace it with “Look for reliable sources.”

Describe the Results

Your paper should end with a conclusion paragraph that describes the results of the process. Your readers should understand what outcome to expect if the process is performed in the right way. Explain the benefits of the process or how the results can be used.

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