How to Write an Opinion Essay

Students often have to write essays based on their personal opinions about a certain issue. Depending on what your main goal is, your paper may vary in size. For example, it may be a short letter, a speech, or a whole research paper. No matter what exactly you are working on, your paper should include some basic elements. decided to help you prepare a good opinion essay.

1. Research your topic to back your claims

First, make sure your supporting statements match the type of your paper. For example, sometimes observations may be used as evidence. Quite often, you may also need to rely on statistics. Evidence and examples prove that you understand your topic. We also recommend that you address possible counterclaims. You should be familiar with the opposing arguments to support your point and to understand your own opinion better.

2. Acknowledge the already existing arguments and opinions

Perhaps, you’re writing about some controversial issue that has been discussed before. Check the already existing arguments and consider them in the context of your own opinion. What do your point and someone else’s opinion have in common? How do they differ? What has changed since someone expressed his or her opinion?

3. Use transition statements

Transition statements help you explain why your argument is valuable in the necessary context, or why previous opinions are wrong or incomplete.

4. Don’t be too sarcastic

Even if some opinion seems absolutely ridiculous to you, don’t forget that your essay should sound professional.

5. Provide supporting evidence

Avoid emotional phrases and focus on facts. As we’ve already said before, you should stick with a professional tone. Make sure all your claims are supported by solid evidence.

When you develop your argument, research your topic to prepare for possible criticism. You should consider your opinion in detail, detecting possible weaknesses or inconsistencies.

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