How to Write a Group Research Paper

Writing a research paper with other people can be a completely different experience than writing it on your own. The main difference is that you have to rely on others. The good thing about group research papers is that they can provide more information, however, people may have different opinions and views so it’s very important to work together and act as a team. Here are some useful tips from Writers House.

1. Choose a leader. Somebody should keep your group organized if anything goes wrong. The leader should motivate the team and be organized.

2. Think of what your research should look like. You need to establish your voice before you start to write in order not to get lost in the writing process.

3. Assign roles. The perfect solution is to allow every member of the group to write about the subject he or she is interested in. Write an introduction, conclusion, and transitions together to make your paper flow naturally.

4. The leader should check in with the group members regularly to make sure that everything goes as planned. The leader should also address possible problems and point out what may need to be improved.

5. Revise the research paper before the deadline. Every section of the paper should be directly related to its main point and support it. Group members may see things differently but the paper must be consistent.

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