Tips on Writing a Letter of Intent for Graduates and Employees

A letter of intent is a necessary document for those who seek a job or go through the admission process in universities, as well as for businessmen who are looking for a new partnership. It’s important to write a good letter of intent, clearly indicating what is your goal. A properly written letter of intent can introduce you and shed light on your personal interests. Writers-House.Com can help you to write an amazing letter of intent.

A letter of intent is beneficial for your application and explains why you are the best choice for a certain position. You should be ready to present your letter of intent if you get asked about it. Writing a letter of intent is an easy task. Just follow our advice, and you will have a great letter.

Step 1

Before you start working on your letter of intent, check all the given instructions, and make sure you understand all the necessary requirements. You may also visit the academic institution or company, or look for more information on their official website.

Step 2

Make sure you know the actual address and name of the person who will deal with your application. Always be specific at who you addressing your letter to.

Step 3

Write down any necessary information that is required for the letter of intent. You may need to provide various personal details, as well as a list of your best achievements. Explain how you’re going to contribute to the organization’s agenda and how it will benefit from your experience. Make sure to include as many details as possible to clearly explain what are your objectives and what makes you a better choice than other applicants.

Step 4

You should introduce yourself at the very beginning of the letter. If you’re applying for a job, specify your profession and the position you’re applying for. Don’t forget that a letter of intent should be specific. Always include the name of the company or university.

Step 5

Explain what is your qualification and what knowledge you have in this field. Here are a few things you should write about:

  • Write what are the reasons why you decided to write the letter. Tell how you learned about the company and the vacancy, and what in this position looks most exciting to you.
  • Tell more about your accomplishments. You should be ready to present your achievements with confidence and explain what are your advantages over other candidates. Be honest and try to be authentic.
  • Explain why you like this company and what makes this company better than competitors.

Step 6

Indicate that you are waiting for a reply. Those who will read your letter of intent should see that you are really interested in an interview. Make sure to provide all your actual contacts.

Step 7

When your letter is ready, edit it and then move to proofreading. Make sure there are no grammar and spelling errors. Make any necessary changes in the overall structure, get rid of the unnecessary parts, and add what is important. Make sure your thoughts follow each other logically and chronologically.

Step 8

Attach your letter of intent with other documents and submit it.

A Letter of Intent: What Is It?

If you apply for a job, a letter of intent should be presented along with your curriculum vitae. It will help you impress your potential employer. Don’t forget that your letter of intent should be well-written. It will present you in a positive light and attract more attention. Don’t forget to list your accomplishments and qualifications.

Explain why you’re interested in this job.  Describe in detail why you think you are the best fit for this position. Remember that a good, well-written letter of intent may be a reason why you’ll receive an invitation for an interview.

How to Write a Letter of Intent

  • We suggest starting your letter with greetings. Make sure you know who exactly will read your letter and address this person directly. If there’s no way to figure out who will be your reader, you can say “to whom it may concern”, or just address the institution by its name.
  • After the greetings, you should introduce yourself and tell your readers why you decided to write the letter. Clearly indicate your main goal, for example, getting the job in this company. Show that you’re interested in this industry or this area of business.
  • As we’ve already said before, you should write down a list of your qualifications and achievements. Don’t forget to mention any awards. It’s especially important for you to be honest and confident.
  • To show that you’re indeed interested in working for this company, request a reply.
  • The end of your letter should demonstrate your professionalism. Add “sincerely” and end your letter of intent with your signature.

Letter of Intent Samples

Having nice samples of letters of intent is very good if you want to be sure you’re doing everything right. You can learn various writing approaches by reading letters of intent written by different people. No matter whether you want to get a job or apply to a university, letter of intent samples will always give you certain benefits, such as:

  • You will see what good letters of intent look like and understand how to write impressive letters.
  • You will improve your writing skills by practicing the most effective methods. If you really want a good letter, we suggest taking a look at several good examples.
  • You will get familiar with the language used in letters of intent. Thus, you’ll be able to avoid some common difficulties that unprepared people often face.
  • Sample letters will also help you understand how to properly articulate your interests, achievements, and goals. A letter of intent allows you to provide a lot of important information about yourself.

When you see how other people, or even professional writers, write letters of intent, you can easily understand how to arrange your thoughts, which makes the whole writing process considerably easier.

Don’t forget that the success of your letter also to a large extent depends on how you present it. All your conversations with a potential employer should prove that you’re a good fit for the job.

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