Tips on Writing an Interesting Biography

A biography is a piece of writing that describes someone’s life and events from it. Sometimes, describing someone’s life in details may be boring so we suggest that you do your best trying to make your story as interesting as possible. Writing experts at, explains:”All the students write biographies, however, there are always different levels of detailing. For example, a biography written by a fourth-grader will be different from that written by a high-school or college student.”

Nevertheless, any biography is based on certain rules. For example, you should research your topic and include interesting facts from reliable resources. Make sure your biography contains only accurate information.

Basic Details

  • Date and place of birth, date, and place of death;
  • Information about the family;
  • Main accomplishments;
  • Significant events of life;
  • Impact on culture or society, significance in the historical context.

This is the necessary information any biography is impossible without. However, you won’t be able to write a good biography if you provide only dry facts and nothing else. Make sure to dig deeper into the person’s story, making your paper interesting to read and providing your own perspective.

Your biography should start with a strong first sentence. It may be an intriguing statement or some little-known information. Don’t start your biography with sentences like “Jerry Brown was born in New York in 1965.” Instead, describe the background of the story, leading your readers to a thesis statement that expresses the main idea of the biography. Once you’ve got a nice introduction, continue describing the life of the chosen personality, adding more details.

To find interesting facts, do your research and look for information in different sources. We also suggest that you look for materials that provide insight into the personality of your subject.

Questions to Consider

  • Did your subject’s childhood impact their personality?
  • What personality traits helped them success?
  • What are the main turning points in their life?
  • What adjectives would describe them best?
  • What is your subject’s impact on history?

To create a smooth flow, use transitional words and phrases. You may also want to read your paper several times and to rearrange certain words, making your paper better. The final paragraph of the biography should restate your main claim about the subject, highlighting the main points. However, don’t provide any new specific examples at the end. Make sure to proofread your paper, add a title page and a bibliography. Make sure you follow all the given instructions and use the right citation style.

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