Tips on Writing an Allegory Essay

An allegory essay can be a writing assignment, as well as a piece of literature. Such essays focus on abstract ideas that are portrayed as physical forms. The main goal of an allegory essay is to teach readers a lesson or to lead them to a certain moral conclusion. Allegorical essays, as well as other types of allegorical writing, have one thing in common: ideas and concepts that are not material are conveyed using figurative representations or symbols. When writing an allegory essay, you should figure out the moral of your story in advance. Here are some tips from Writers-house team, we hope that they will help you write a good allegory essay.

Writing Process

First, you should plan your essay. Figure out its theme and purpose. After this, think of what allegory you will use. For example, if you want to write about justice, you may portray it as a character, with other characters representing factors that determine justice or have an impact on it.

Develop the central idea of your essay and make sure that it’s detailed. The metaphor or symbol that appears at the beginning of your essay should evolve through your story. Your essay should be consistent and interesting to read. Thus, when you start writing the essay, you should clearly understand how it will end and what will happen in the middle of your essay. You should demonstrate the clarity of your thought.

As we’ve already mentioned above, a good allegory essay should teach readers a certain lesson or have a clear moral. This message of the essay is the most important, and it must be revealed at the end. However, there’s no need to state this message directly. The main thing is to make it apparent for readers after reading your story. Make sure that your essay reflects your opinion on the subject. For example, if you write about the environment, you may show how characters that represent greenhouse gases, oil, and other kinds of pollution attack the character that represents the environment.

Don’t forget to proofread your essay and make sure there are no grammar and spelling mistakes. In addition, check the overall structure and make sure that the allegory is consistent throughout the story.

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