Tips on Winning an Essay Contest

If you want to win a contest with your essay, there are several ways to make your paper stand out. We recommend that you prepare for writing and check all the necessary guidelines to make sure that your essay meets all the requirements. Choose a topic that corresponds to the theme of the contest and write a detailed and engaging essay. You have more chances to win the contest if your essay is original and grammatically perfect. Fortunately, writing experts prepared this guide at so you can write the best essay possible.

Writing and Editing

1. First, read the rules of the contest to understand what your writing should be about and what standards it should meet. Pay your attention to the word count, submission dates, and other specific guidelines. If you don’t follow the rules of the contest, your essay will likely be disqualified so make sure to follow the necessary requirements before submitting it. We also recommend that you check the guidelines from time to time while writing.

2. Brainstorm to choose a topic that fits the theme of the contest. Most often, essay contests have a particular theme that you should take into account when choosing your topic. Brainstorm and write down several ideas that you would like to turn into an essay. After this, select the topic that looks most interesting to you.  Make sure to stick with the theme while writing. For example, if you’ve been asked to write about an influential person in your life, we recommend that you choose the person who has had a significant impact on you so that you can provide some interesting examples.

3. Write the first draft of your essay. Don’t try to make your first draft perfect, just make sure to include all the points that you consider important. You may also write several drafts of your essay, changing the overall structure and including different examples so that you can choose the best draft later. To make this task easier, we recommend that you write an outline first, and then follow it when writing.

4. Once you’ve written your first draft, revise it. Read your essay a few times and try to make it better. For example, you might want to get rid of some unnecessary sentences or to add something important. Make sure that all your examples are directly related to your topic. In addition, we recommend that you make sure that your essay is logically correct and interesting to read. Read your essay to your friends or parents and listen to what they say. Their feedback can help you understand what needs to be improved.

5. Proofread your essay and fix any grammar mistakes. You won’t be able to win the contest if your essay will be full of typos or have problems with punctuation. You can also order professional proofreading at

6. Submit your essay before the deadline. The sooner you submit it, the more time the judges will have to read it. Keep in mind that many people will submit their essays on the deadline so submitting it sooner is your chance to stand out. If you’re going to send your essay by mail, make sure that it will reach the judges before the deadline.

Making an Outstanding Essay

1. Grab your readers’ attention with an interesting introduction. The judges have to read dozens of essays so your essay must catch their attention from the very beginning. We recommend that you write an actionable and engaging hook that will make your readers want to figure out what your story is about.

2. The very first thing your readers see is the title of your essay so we suggest that you choose it carefully. Brainstorm and jot down creative ideas so that you can select the best title. Keep in mind that your title must give your readers a general understanding of what your essay is about while also keeping them intrigued.

3. Use descriptive words to bring your story to life. Describe objects, events, places, sounds, etc. in detail so that your readers can imagine the full picture. A great rule is to show, not to tell. Vivid descriptions allow you to demonstrate your creativity and writing skills.

4. Make your essay authentic and original. Include at least one element that the judges won’t find in any other essay. It may be a description of a place, an interesting dialogue, or some complex subject. We recommend that you read your essay several times to understand whether you can improve simple sentences and make them more interesting. You may also ask somebody to read your essay and tell you what parts stand out.

5. Finally, you need to format your essay according to the necessary requirements. Use the right font and margins. Make sure to check out the guidelines to use the right format. When sending your essay as a letter, fold it nicely so that your paper will look neat and professional.

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