8 Reasons and Tips on Starting a Copywriting Business

starting a copywriting business

What Do We Call a Copywriting Business?

Copywriting is one of the most competitive and lucrative writing field for writers at the top of their game. There are various forms of copywriting and the copywriter’s obligation is to make use of persuasive language to raise awareness about a certain product, service, or business idea. In essence, it is that writing skill that most of the biggest brands in the world are after.
Ideally, you can generate leads, supercharge sales and convince a consumer to make a brand-allegiance-switch with a copy that is drafted intelligently and powerfully. The quality of the drafted content is the hinge that holds the success of a campaign.
Who is eligible?
These writing gigs only need a steady internet connection and a laptop (or a personal computer). Starting a copywriting business avails a very affordable opportunity for those with a good grasp of grammar and a way with words.

So, Why Start Copywriting Business?

1. Copywriters are always in demand

So, how much money can you make as a copywriter? Usually, the median annual copywriter salary is about $58,412. Even though there are many other jobs that can fall under copywriting, the annual salary range is between $50,600 and $67,000.

2. Copywriting suffuses your every action

Face-to-face interactions influence how a message is perceived. You can draw conclusions from the clients’ body language, as well as tone variations. On the other hand, online interactions are a life-saver for those that are socially awkward.
These online transactions avail a situation where you don’t have to be overly pleasant of a person’s ideas, or even be curious as to why the person does not make eye contact.
However, without impeccable copywriting services all of the brilliant business plans and visions of how the company’s products will be used, can all be lost in the haze of poor copywriting.
You can help save your business, as well as all of your efforts, by focusing on copywriting savvy. Strive to hire talented copywriters, sharpen your copywriting skills and only entrust copywriting tasks to highly-esteemed team members.

3. Copywriting makes or breaks communication

In an office setting, a clear copy is essential to ensure that each and every employee is conscious of his or her work duties, responsibilities, and any possible reprimands. Also, business partners have to clearly depict their role in relation to the business, what they expect from the company, and what the company is to expect from them. Therefore, if the copy produced for these entities is not precise, you run the risk of possible misunderstandings or even lawsuits because of breached contracts.
When you serve the public with an agreement, contract, product or service description, you have to have a clear copy to avoid customers feeling tricked. In the case that you let your customers know that the length of a certain fabric is 3 meters long instead of 3 feet long, you will have some very unhappy customers. Also, angry customers can easily relay their sloppy and unprofessional experience with your company to other potential customers.

Business Copywriting Tips

4. Copy should be clear and brief

Copywriting is sales writing and a copy should neither have hyperbole nor complex sentences. A benefit-driven copy is straight forward with a strong call to action. In essence, 50 words are equated to be a huge amount of copy. The more words you have available, the more you will be inclined to let fiddly details creep in.

5. Dive into the social media pool

Use blogs to drive traffic to your website. Market your articles! Profile up your Twitter, LinkedIn and Ecademy accounts. Most of the clients will find you through these platforms.

6. Have someone else proof your work

It is fairly easy to not spot errors while compiling a piece. Have an entrusted set of eyes to go through your pieces.

7. Have an organized networking approach

You can start by going to events in your locality and handing out business cards. Beware of all of the organizations around you and craft ways to depict your info in front of the marketing directors.

8. Seek testimonials for your pieces

Testimonials are second to word of mouth in advertising. Ensure that your clients have a system whereby they access a stream of testimonials of you.

Copywriting Principle to Note

how to become a copywriterIn the military course training, soldiers are trained on how to kill someone with a firearm. The instructions are pretty clear; Take two shots to the heart and one to the head. The shots to the heart are rendered the easiest target whereas the shot to the head is considered to be more complex.
Writer Tracy Camp extends this gruesome analogy to explain the effectiveness of sales, or ad, copies in marketing. While compiling a copy, you are not trying to end another man’s life. Instead, you are after a sale, a conversion, or trying to accomplish goals that have already been pre-defined for you.
Targeting the clients’ ‘hearts’ with words that arouse emotions will put you in a position to spark an interest in your products in them. On the other hand, targeting the clients’ ‘heads’ will put you in a position where you have to convince the clients with logical explanations as to why you give your competitors an edge. Naturally, copywriters apply emotional and logical approaches to justify a buying decision whereas consumers apply logical approaches to influence the emotional decisions they make while purchasing a product.
Choose the right words and infuse that with logic to build on your emotional justification to influence buying decisions. This is a proven strategy that will help you ‘kill’ the sale as a proficient sales writer. You will have a feel of the desired results and ultimate business growth only if copywriting services are excellent.

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