Prepare a Thesis Statement

Another article on Prepare a Thesis Statement from our writers at Writers-House.Com. The thesis statement clarifies your topic for readers and helps them understand what is your point. Your topic explains what your paper is about, while the thesis statement should reflect your opinion. Any facts and arguments that you mention in your paper should support the thesis statement. To write a good thesis statement, think of what ideas are the most important about your subject.

A Thesis Statement With Two Parts

  • The first section of your thesis reflects the topic.
    • Global warming.
    • Consequences of global warming.
    • The list of endangered species.
  • The second section should explain your main point.
    • Global warming is dangerous.
    • It affects all the continents and makes polar ice caps melt.
    • Many species will soon extinct because they cannot adapt to the new climate.
  • You can have more than one main idea in your thesis statement, however, make sure the general message is easy to understand.
    • The human factor is the main cause of global warming.
    • People from different countries should unite their efforts to slow down this global tendency.
    • There are projects aimed to save endangered species from the extinction.

When your thesis statement is ready, you can move on and start writing the essay itself.

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