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these writing a storyline tips make hearts beat faster

Writing Fiction: Storyline That Will Make Readers’ Hearts Beat Faster

To tell you the honest, I wouldn’t like to be in the skin of modern fiction book writers and authors. Why? Well, mainly because nowadays everyone is born with a pedigree in judging basically everything that pops up in libraries or on TV. Things have gone so far that the popular saying “you can’t satisfy everyone” has transformed in a more realistic “Try at least to make them pay attention”.
So, what should one come up with in order to be popular? How could you capture the imagination of people around you?
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10 Most Famous Banned Books Of All Time

Top 10 Most Famous Banned Books Of All Time

How to impress the reader? How do you write a story that leaves a significant impact on person’s mind and thinking process? Great authors from different periods say pretty much the same thing: it doesn’t matter what do you write about as long as you touch readers’ hearts.

This statement basically concludes that some revolutionary ideas that author may present are not always widely accepted. Even more, it often seems like words that writer has put on paper are used with the intent to shock the audience, not to entertain. This might be true but this top 10 of famous banned books presents well-known stories which were under censorship at some point and may have never seen the world.
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