How to Make Your Paper Longer

If you need to make your college paper longer but you find yourself out of fresh ideas, there’s no need to play with fonts and margins. Follow these simple tips from and make your paper not only longer but also better!

Avoid Obvious Tricks

Your professor knows all the “proven” tricks and will spot them immediately. These are a traditional “period trick,” changed margins and fonts, etc. Thousands of students have already tried these tricks to make their papers longer without adding a single meaningful word so don’t make the same mistake. Instead, focus on the content.

Cite More Sources

Add more quotations to support your arguments. Any decent college paper has examples that support the thesis statement. To make your paper longer and better, provide more quotes that support your examples and make sure that you cite your sources properly.

Add More Examples

Add more examples if adding more quotations is impossible. Try not to tell but to show, and illustrate every paragraph or idea.

Check the Format of Paragraphs

Create a proper paragraph structure: a topic sentence, evidence, and a conclusion or transition to the next paragraph. Obviously, your paragraphs should be longer than three sentences, however, it’s easy to forget about one of these components. If you make sure that all the paragraphs have a proper structure, your paper will be considerably longer.

Try to Prove Yourself Wrong

Try to argue against your thesis statement and address the opposite point. Add some arguments and provide your response. It’s a very effective strategy that will enable you to both make your paper longer and emphasize your key arguments.

Check the Overall Structure

Make sure that your paper has a solid overall structure that includes a strong introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. You may think that the body of the paper is the most important section but the introduction is no less important because it sets the tone for the whole paper. Your college paper should be also based on a strong thesis and lead your readers to a meaningful conclusion.

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