How to Reword an Essay

Many students have a hard time trying to change the already written text. This is not an easy task because you have to think about the structure and make sure that the new text will contain all the necessary information. If you need to reword an essay, you can order professional help. For example, editors at blog can prepare a great essay for you. However, if you want to deal with this task yourself, check out these useful tips.

Should You Reword Your Essay?

Most people tend to minimize their efforts when they are not sure what to do. Let’s say, you have a freshly written essay that is relatively good. It’s not perfect, neither is it bad. The chances are that you won’t spend your time trying to turn a decent essay into a great one. However, if this essay is especially important for your academic goals and you want a higher grade, we recommend that you revise it. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons why students choose to rewrite their essays.

  • Vague idea. You’ve spent a lot of time preparing, collecting information, analyzing sources, and talking to your teacher. After that, you started to write, trying to include as much relevant information as possible. You’ve had so many ideas about the topic of your essay that you couldn’t organize them properly. All your ideas are mixed up, and when you read the essay, it’s hard to understand what’s the main point.
  • Mixed up argument. Another common problem is the incoherent presentation of the argument. Most often, this problem occurs when students write complex essays that contain more than one idea about the topic. If your argument consists of two thesis points or more, it can be very difficult to illustrate the connections between different parts of your argument properly. It’s also easy to get distracted with various ideas that seem relevant while writing.
  • Wrong reasoning. Sometimes, when writing essays on topics you feel passionate about, you may use arguments that seem legit to you but are completely subjective or too emotional. For example, people used to believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth based on their observations, which was a subjective point. If your paper suffers from subjectivity, you certainly need to rewrite it.
  • Inappropriate style. Not all great scientists are also great writers or speakers. Quite often, people who devote their lives to studying one area, cannot succeed in another. You may put a lot of effort into reasoning and researching while forgetting about the fact that your paper must be easy to understand. Most often, students use the wrong style, colloquial phrases, wrong abbreviations, etc. All these mistakes can ruin the overall impression of your paper.
  • Poor grammar. Grammar is also very important because it ensures the readability and integrity of your essay. Most often, students have problems with different tenses, choose wrong prepositions, mix up possessive, shortened, and plural verbal forms, etc.
  • Typos. Finally, typos are an inevitable problem for everyone. Even if you’re a brilliant writer, the chances are that the first draft of your essay will have some misspelled words. Therefore, editing your essays is a necessity because you don’t want your readers to be distracted by such mistakes.

All these situations can be a solid reason to reword your essay. There are many approaches that will help you improve the readability of your essay, and we are going to consider them in more detail, below.

How to Improve Your Text

Now that we’ve figured out what are the main problems, let’s consider the methods that will help you solve them.

1. Structural transformation

The simplest way to modify the structure of your essay is to switch the paragraphs. However, this method may not necessarily work, so you may need to take key elements from one paragraph and put them in another paragraph, making sure that such a change won’t hurt the context and meaning of your writing. Structural transformation can help you if you need to improve your narrative or argument.

2. Logical and structural revision

If your essay is absolutely unacceptable but the key idea is good so you just need to present it in a more effective way, a revision can help. You need to analyze the main structural parts of your essay, reword each section, and express the same ideas in other words. This task is quite difficult by its nature because it requires you to have strong linguistic skills. If you’re not sure that you can revise your essay properly, don’t hesitate to order professional editing on

3. Meaning-preserving rewording

When rewording, you should replace words with their synonyms. It’s especially important to keep in mind the overall meaning of your content and to make sure that the final text is stylistically correct. Some synonyms may turn out to be inappropriate in a certain context, while others may not fit in with the style of your essay.

Keep in mind that rewording won’t help if your paper is weak in terms of structure or logic. Sometimes, all you have to do is just use one proper word so that you won’t need to reword the whole paragraph. Most often, such a situation occurs when students write their term papers because they are more experienced by that time.

4. Proofreading

Proofreading refers to fixing typos, punctuation mistakes, etc. If the only problem is grammar and punctuation, proofreading can help you improve your essay and get a better grade. However, you still have to be perfectly familiar with the rules of grammar and spelling to proofread your papers successfully. If you’re not sure that you can do it, we recommend that you order professional proofreading.

Here are the most common methods that can help you improve your essays. Each of these methods has its advantages and limitations, so you should choose an approach that fits your objectives.

If you’re looking for professional assistance, we can help you. Our professional proofreaders and editors have many years of experience in preparing academic papers, and they are familiar with different areas of knowledge. Just place your order, and our experts will do all the rest!

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