How to Choose a Good Essay Topic

First of all, sometimes you cannot choose a topic for your essay and thats why Writers-House.Com want help you. If the topic has been assigned by your professor, your task gets much easier because you don’t need to brainstorm on what would you want to write about. However, in this case, you also don’t have a chance to write about something that looks really interesting to you.

If you already have a topic, think of what kind of essay you are expected to write. It may be an analysis of a certain subject or an overview. If you need to write an accurate analysis, make sure to formulate your topic as specifically as you can. For example, if your topic is “Sweden,” it’s too broad. This is a nice topic for an overview, but the analysis requires a more specific topic, like “The history of Sweden” or “The economy of Sweden.”

If your topic hasn’t been assigned, it means that you can choose your own topic, which is a nice advantage. However, it also requires you to demonstrate creativity. We suggest choosing a topic carefully so that you can make the best out of it.

What Is Your Purpose?

The purpose of your essay is, probably, the most important thing. If your essay is aimed to persuade your readers, your writing approach will differ from that of an essay aimed to explain a certain task or idea. An essay may also just provide information, telling your readers about some event or person. Your topic must serve your main purpose.


When you clearly understand the purpose of your paper, choose several subjects that look most interesting to you. Don’t focus on whether or not these subjects are good, just write down as many subjects as you can.

If you have no idea about what your subject should be, just look around and note the first things that come to your mind. What bothers you? What makes you feel happy? This method will help you find at least a few topics.

Evaluate Your Topics

If there are several topics that look good, take your time and consider each one of them. Think of how you’re going to write the whole essay on this topic and whether it’s possible at all. For example, if your essay is educational, you must be really good at your subject. If you’re going to write a persuasive essay, make sure you are really passionate about your topic. The main thing is to be familiar with the topic and to have some interesting ideas about it.

If all the topics are similar in terms of difficulty, just choose the one that looks most appealing to you. Quite often, it’s the first topic that has come to your mind.

Look at this topic once again and analyze it taking into account the purpose of your essay and its type. You may need to narrow it down. For example, if your topic is “Sweden,” you don’t need to change it if you plan to write an overview. However, this topic is too broad for a detailed analysis. If your essay should provide a detailed analysis, try to make your topic specific. Sometimes it’s easy to narrow your topic if you think about the most important facts. Perhaps, this topic has many subtopics. Just choose a subtopic that looks the most promising.

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