How to Annotate an Essay

An annotated essay should provide a natural and logical flow of opinions and views. This is a reason why many people get so stressed out when they need to write such an essay. However, an annotated essay is also an opportunity to explore ideas and to communicate your own perspective. Writing experts from recommend the following tips.

Annotating: Definition

The main thing is to address the key points and to make sure all your thoughts are directly connected to the key points. Annotating can help you when preparing for exams (verbal or written) or studying for quizzes and test of any kind. Annotating a certain text also allows you to create a well-written response that will either support or question the author’s point.

Where to Start

After you read the whole piece, grab a highlighter. Choose your favorite color and highlight the most important passages that support your point. Make sure to highlight only crucial passages. If you feel that some phrase supports your opinion, highlight or underline it, and pay particular attention to the vocabulary of your source. If the author repeats the same phrase in several places, it can support your own idea better. Don’t forget to highlight any important names, dates, etc.

Complete Your Essay

Margin comments perform a few different functions. Their main purpose is to label types of information, either logically or chronologically. Take notes to define the topic of each paragraph. Consider each paragraph in the context of your point of view and note specific details.

Note how different fragments make you feel and how they support your opinion. If a piece resonates with your own experiences, you can also use this connection in the future. Don’t forget to mention how the piece changed your opinion. The margins also allow you to ask questions about what you don’t agree with.

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