Definition Essay on Patriotism: a Guide for Students

Some people consider patriotism an integral part of their lives, while others notice that patriotism often leads to impulsive behavior when people actually need to slow down and think about what’s going on. Given that people usually take one side or another, writing a definition essay becomes a challenging task. If you research the topic properly, you will be able to describe the subject matter well, expressing your own point of view, and persuading your audience to accept your opinion. If you want your paper to be effective, you should address different sides of this issue and read carefully the guide at

In the introduction, give a definition of patriotism. Define this term concisely and clearly to grab your readers’ attention and to make sure they understand your point from the very beginning. Use vivid examples which are familiar to your audience. For example, you may illustrate patriotism by mentioning the Allegiance-Pledge.

When writing about patriotism, make sure you have one paragraph dedicated to the 4th of July. Describe the nationwide celebration and traditions associated with this day. Mention Americans who demonstrate their patriotism by flying the national flag. Don’t forget that voting is also an act of patriotism.

Your essay should describe a clear position on the subject matter. In other words, you should be either for or against. If you don’t pick a side, your essay will be weak, missing the main point. Don’t be afraid to state your position and help your readers understand it.

You may write about the impact of patriotism as well, as this is a very important aspect of the topic. For example, if you’re against it, support your point with arguments. You may write about people who equate their country and its government, claiming that nobody should oppose the government’s decisions.

Support your point with quotes from well-known politicians and experts in politics. Sometimes, opinions may be as useful as facts. This way, you will demonstrate that you’re not the only one who has such an opinion.

In the conclusion of your essay, restate your opinion once again. Remind your readers of your crucial arguments. The best way to conclude your essay is to leave your readers with something they can think about. For example, encourage them to think of the role of patriotism in their everyday lives.

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