How to Choose a Topic for Your Persuasive Speech or Essay

If you need to prepare a persuasive essay or a persuasive speech for your college or high school class, choosing the right topic is a very important thing. Professional writers from Writers-House suggest that you choose some issue you already know something about. It would be also great to choose a subject related to your personal experiences. You should be passionate about your topic. This will help you create a good essay that will be different from hundreds of other students’ papers.

1. Start brainstorming on the topic with other students, creating a variety of topics to choose from. Try to come up with something that is associated with strong emotions. For example, if you think that we need to use alternative sources of energy, tell your audience about it.

2. Don’t write about the most popular subjects, such as abortion, violence in the media, affirmative action, global warming, recycling, or the death penalty. These topics are not bad but they are overdone. Choose something new.

3. Make sure your topic is specific. Don’t make your speech or essay too general, talking about broad topics. Broad topics usually include many subtopics, while you have limited time. It’s better to address a narrow topic in detail instead of providing an overwhelming amount of information about a broad subject.

4. Choose a topic that is familiar to you. If you have already researched your topic and know some interesting information about it, it will be easier for you to create a good essay or speech, knowing what sources may come in handy.

5. Find a discussed issue that has supporters and opponents. However, you should also clarify this issue using logic reasoning. Good topics are debatable. We also suggest that you won’t try to solve this issue completely, just be informative and persuasive.

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